About Us

We started out with one clear goal in mind, to provide foreign language communication and global insight for multinational clients around the world.

Foreign Tongues has evolved over time to become the market research translation agency, the name tag we strive year on year to maintain.

As the world around us becomes more reliant on technological solutions, Foreign Tongues maintains a personal, human element to meet the unique needs of our clients and stay at the forefront of this dynamically changing environment.

Through extensive experience and expertise, we have been able to develop into a management team with a diverse portfolio of skills, capable of complimenting the individual project requirements of each and every client. Among our qualified team are Microsoft professionals, database specialists, graphic designers, project managers and, of course, a wide range of language specialists.

Foreign Tongues works as a partner within the market research industry; a commercially important sector that acts as a major driving force in influencing change in the international market. Our close link within the market research industry enables us to stay ahead of the latest news and developments.

Foreign Tongues sponsor the annual MRS Excellence Awards.