Foreign Tongues will ensure you avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls when it comes to foreign versioning, of any kind, as well as providing substantial added value to your brand by advising you on the cultural nuances of your market research surveys, helping you to adapt to and engage with foreign audiences to the full and so maximise your potential within your market for capital gain.

We maintain a huge pool of qualified linguists; skilled in many disciplines that will be required and on call to help and provide your language services, whenever and wherever you need them. You can be confident that your translations are managed and delivered to deadline, freeing up your own staff and resources to concentrate on running your business, and working to their original job description!

Foreign Tongues only work with linguists that are, not only, fluent in your target markets’ language, but also highly experienced in the given subject matter. So, if you need your technical manuals, business contracts or marketing materials translated, we will ensure the translation is undertaken by someone with years of commercial experience in that sector, ensuring every detail is captured and presented correctly to your foreign market target audience.

Outsourcing your language needs to Foreign Tongues will provide you with highest quality document translation to the most efficient deadline, giving you the advantage in the foreign market place and, most importantly, free up your staff to get on with the most important aspect of your business – selling!