Website Translation and Localisation Services

Foreign Tongues provide website translation services and web localization, helping you engage with international markets and improve your website’s visibility in the markets, countries and regions you are targeting.

Website translation with SEO in mind

Foreign Tongues is a London based translation agency providing high quality translation services combined with the most efficient turnaround times. We thrive on meeting the unique needs of our clients by providing exceptional customer service with a personal touch.

Your website is your shop-window and your business card. It’s the best way for your customers to find you and learn more about you and your business. A study carried out by Common Sense Advisory, about online purchasing decisions, discovered that more than half (52.4%) of the respondents would only buy a product when the information about that product is presented to them on the web in their own language.

In the competitive digital world, it’s your site’s content that will influence user engagement and traffic levels to your site. Only focusing your SEO efforts on one language won’t help to increase your overall global visibility. Your website content should be written with SEO in mind and optimised for commonly searched for phrases in every language your website is translated into. This will lead to multiple benefits such as increased rankings, natural backlinks, improved website credibility, increased revenue and better user experience.

Website translation can be achieved by either producing within the plain text, for you to add into the site yourself, or working directly with the HTML or XML, for example.

“As the reach of the Internet grows so does the diversity of language required for users to understand the content at their fingertips.“

Why should I translate my website?

  • Website Translation provides relatively low-cost access to millions of non-English speaking people all over the world – in other words, giving global reach.
  • As countries around the world become more affluent, people begin looking outward for new products and services. By having your website translated into multiple native languages, you are boosting your international SEO which will direct more traffic to your site and inevitably generate more enquiries.
  • Increased engagement and conversion rate.

What website translation services are available

1. Website content

This includes landing pages, news stories and blog content translation.

Landing page translation covers all elements of the page including headings, call to actions and meta data.

2. E-commerce website translation

The internet is the easiest to access, and biggest, source of information. By 2030 most of the world will be online. This opens tremendous opportunities for e-commerce businesses to drive sales through online channels but also requires business to adapt their business models to meet consumer expectation when purchasing online. More than half of consumers are willing to pay more, if the information is provided to them in their own language. Foreign Tongues can help with e-commerce websites by translating content for product and category pages, CTAs, checkout process and delivery information, helping businesses drive higher on-site engagement, a better conversion rate and more returning customers.

3. Pay Per Click Ad copy translation

Paid search can be a great revenue driver, especially for business with weak organic presence. Your international ads should be written in targeted language and within character limit. The character limit makes the translation more complex. A short word in English could be a long word in Spanish and vice versa.

We understand that ad copy influences the quality score, so we will advise you if adjustment needs to be made to your ad copy titles and descriptions due to character limit.

4. Online brochure translation

If your website provides users with downloadable resources, such as brochures, and you want to make these resources multilingual, Foreign Tongues will help. You can either send us just the content you need translating or, if you want us to produce a mirror image of the original, provide us with InDesign files together with high resolution images.

There are a few things to be mindful of:

  • translation word expansion / contraction – the same text translated into other languages can take up more or less space.
  • Not all languages read left to right – Chinese script runs from top to bottom, Arabic script runs from right to left.
  • Current brochure title may not be appropriate for the target market if the translated equivalent is rude or offensive.

5. App translation

Are you an e-commerce store with hundreds of translations going through every day?

Could a website app bring another stream of revenue to the business?

Your app, just like your website, requires localised content. A study, “The Impact of App Translations” from Distomo, showed that localising content on iPhone applications resulted in 128% more downloads per country and a 26% increase in revenue.

Why us Foreign Tongues?

  • Foreign Tongues specialise in providing high quality, expert professionals in all of the commercially viable languages in the world. We understand that website translation doesn’t mean word for word translation. Instead, we provide clients with localised and optimised website content, allowing them to engage with customers globally.
  • We provide fair rates and the most efficient project turnaround times.
  • We are understanding, flexible and always work to achieve your business needs.
  • And most importantly all projects are accompanied by free advice, to ensure you receive the highest level of service and the requisite end product.

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