Foreign Tongues cover every specialist subject, working into and out of every language.

Translation Services From Industry Specialists

Foreign Tongues know that, for a successful business, translating needs to be more than just turning one language into another, it’s about translating your brand for a specific audience. An audience that our translators understand.

Each of our linguists work only into their mother tongue and are all professionally qualified through leading language institutes from around the world. As well as offering perfect pitch and true understanding of language, our translators know your specific industry. They have direct, commercial experience in the sectors they are working in, from technology to finance, ensuring that your brand is accurately portrayed in any language, in any context.

Our specialist translators can work for any business or marketing need, from documents and presentations to cross-channel campaigns we can ensure that the message is true to your aim and consistent across different markets.

When is translation essential?

Human translation can be required for a number of documents across multiple sectors including:

1. Market research translation

Foreign Tongues has specialised in market research translation for over twenty years and is the Principal Sponsor of the MRS Excellence Awards. We provide our clients with fast and professional translation service and are able to work to tight deadlines, translating market research documentation, including quantitative and qualitative research, consumer and B2B research, satisfaction surveys, brand ad testing, omnibuses and new product testing documents.

2. Marketing and PR translation

This type of translation includes localised materials necessary for reaching international markets, including leaflets, posters, emails, paid search adverts and social media posts.

3. Education and training documents translation

Foreign Tongues provide translation for training and education documentation, such as dissertations, essays, textbooks, training documents and tests, staff handbooks and management training.

4. Medical and Pharmaceutical translation

The translation of medical documents should always be done to the highest standards to ensure adequate protection and safety of patients, professionals and members of public. To complete these types of translations, translators have to have specialist medical knowledge and experience of the languages which they will be translating from and into. This includes anything from the translation of labels, instructions of use, prescriptions, medical documents and medical research to patient information.

5. Translation for leisure and tourism

According to Visit Britain, over 39.3 million visitors came to the UK in 2017, with £24.5 billion spent between November 2016 and October 2017, the highest ever rolling 12-month period. This highlights the importance of the industry and business opportunities in leisure and tourism collateral translation.
Foreign Tongues offer translation of travel documents; from holiday guides, brochures, adverts and branding materials to website content. Our experienced translators will ensure that the translated documents use the correct vocabulary and terminology, specifically targeted to consumers in different markets.

6. Technical translation

Our services include software translation, translation of technical manuals or instructions, computer product spec sheets, patent translation and intellectual property law translation.

How long does translation take?

One should expect between 2,000 to 2,500 words to be produced per working day, without undue pressure being placed on the linguist.

What information do we need from you?

We need you to provide information on the language you want the translation to be made into, the document word count, deadline, specific subject matter (ie. Medical, Automotive, Finance, etc.) and document format (i.e. Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.).

Why Choose Foreign Tongues?

  • High-quality translation for any language
  • Industry-specific local knowledge
  • Competitive rates
  • Fast turnaround even at high volume
  • Fully managed projects with free advice for achieving the desired end-product
  • Human translation without the use of Trados / Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools

Service Options

Standard Translation

This provides you with a checked translation from one of our professionally qualified, subject-specific translators.
The Standard Translation service involves a piece of English text being sent to, for example, a French linguist to be translated into French. The linguist used will be mother-tongue, accredited and a member of their country’s acknowledged professional linguistic body and so will be well versed and, most importantly, qualified in the translation process.

Nowadays, linguists have modern translation software that will assist in the process and rather like MS Word, will perform the standard spelling and grammar checks. It is also usual for a linguist to take a short break after completing the translation and then return to it with a fresh pair of eyes, to run through the text and translation, making any necessary changes or amends. Should the linguist have any queries on how you / the Client would like certain portions of text translated, or any ambiguous sections / phrases, they will raise the query during the translation process to ensure the context of the text is maintained and so carried over into the target language.

Proofread Translation

This includes a standard, checked translation and is also worked on by our editors who will liaise with you and the translator to understand the goal of your content and ensure the greatest possible style and fluency is used for maximum pact on your foreign target audience.

The Proof-Read Translation includes everything above, with the additional service of the translation then being passed to a second qualified proof-reader to run through the English text and check through the translation. We recommend this service for medical, legal and very technical translations, as well as any public facing material – such as websites and promotional material. A comparison would be to think of this service as similar to passing English text to an editor or project manager to sign off rather than simply checking for typos.

What do we translate?

• Surveys
• Questionnaires
• Documents
• Ad copy
• Marketing materials
Website copy
• Social media posts
• Recruitment adverts
• PPC ad copy

Flexible & Scalable

Foreign Tongues works to suit your specific business needs. Regardless of the size, medium or frequency of translations required we can build a service that fits your business.

Dedicated account manager

Foreign Tongues provide you with a preferred duo of project managers, aware of your Clients’ need for fast, accurate translation, to quickly develop the most efficient costs and turnaround times.

Fast Turnaround

Many of our clients require fast translations into a number of different languages. Due to our large and long established base of professional translators and editors we can manage and produce this content to tight deadlines without sacrificing quality. Get the quote within 20 minutes here to find out how we will deliver your project.


We offer an on-going service to consistently translate content over a long period of time. Ideal for projects that involve translating high volumes of content or numerous documents that often require technical or highly specific industry knowledge.

To get the free, no-obligation, quote click the Quick Quote button, all you need to provide us with is:

• Your contact information
• Number of words or pages
• The language the content is currently in
• The language or languages you want the content translated into