Interpreter Services From A Network of Professionals

Foreign Tongues have spent over 20 years developing a global network of top quality, professionally trained, interpreters. We will provide interpreters for all your business engagements such as focus groups and in-depth interviews, and will always match you with precisely the right linguist for your requirements.

Foreign Tongues provide professional interpreter services for a range of complex language needs including conferences, ad-hoc and simultaneous interpretation. We are constantly expanding our network of highly trained interpreters to bring you the highest quality language interpretation services.

Whether it’s a focus group, interview, conference or something more complex, we always provide an interpreter that exactly matches your requirements, so you receive the best possible outcome. We understand that situations with a language barrier can be frustrating and even emotional and we want to make this transition as easy and seamless as possible.

Our interpreters are experiences and fast paced, working across a variety of different languages from standard interpretation to more difficult needs such as simultaneous interpretation services, translating conversations in real time.

What interpretation services are available

Interpretation is needed across a range of business and personal needs including:

1. Conferences

For many businesses, conferences involve having guests and speakers from all over the world, all speaking in a variety of different languages.

We provide interpreters to conferences in order to convey messages addressed in one language to an audience who speak another. Our experienced professionals are able to adopt the tone and feel of the speaker’s message to paint a picture for non-native speakers.

2. Ad-hoc services

Ad-hoc interpretation is perfect for smaller groups and business meetings, where our experts can pass information from one member to another.

As an interpreter provider company, we pride ourselves on knowing we can provide the very best service as and when required.

3. Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is the term for high-speed language translation and is incredibly difficult for even the most expert and experienced linguists.

The complexity of simultaneous interpretation comes down to the need for a linguist to be able to translate, in a normal speaking voice, exactly what is being said in real time. This has been recognised as one of the most exhausting and demanding activities you could ask of the human brain.

Volumes of people are able to translate between two languages well enough for interpretation, but very few of those are able to faultlessly divide between what they are hearing and what they are saying – Foreign Tongues will provide you with simultaneous interpreters for instant translation, as you need it.

What makes Foreign Tongues stand out?

  • We specialise in providing high quality, expert professionals in a variety of different languages.
  • Our industry specialists are trained in various disciplines and services.
  • We give fair and competitive rates.
  • All our projects are accompanied by free advice to ensure you receive the highest levels of service and end results.

Industry professionals

Our experienced linguists are trained to deal with both simple and complex business needs. This includes the high speed simultaneous interpretation which is incredibly difficult to master. We want to provide a thorough service that answers all your interpretation queries.


There is no interpretation task too big or too small for our team. Our team works towards your business needs and builds a service that is suitable for you.

For your free quote, follow the quick quote link and please provide all necessary information, including:

  • Contact details
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  • Languages involved

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