Bing Pulse for Market Research

7th August 2015

As you may have read on Research Live, Microsoft has released Bing Pulse for Market Research. Bing Pulse for Market Research is a new, free, tool that provides a self-service solution for surveys, live content rating, and moderated response groups of any size.’ As Mark Penn, Chief Insights Officer at Microsoft says – “This revolutionary product will be a boon for any market research company. We have put a powerful new tool in the hands of market researchers that offers unlimited quantitative feedback for ad tests, product tests, audience response, and much more, without any capital investment.”

The setup of Bing Pulse for Market Research is relatively straight forward: – an event is created, along with your survey questions and / or poll and then launched at a specific time and date. The survey can run for a determined period of time and is targeted at taking the ‘pulse’ of a live sporting event, a TV reality show or political debate, for example.

As previously discussed, smartphone use is ever increasing and Bing Pulse for Market Research has tied in to this perfectly. By using the smartphone as the delivery device, the researcher can be pretty confident that a respondent’s phone will never be far away and therefore always on hand to capture and record people’s thoughts and opinions instantaneously.

One of the benefits of Bing Pulse for Market Research is that it allows you to launch the survey via social media, or a company webpage, and so the target audience can be as diverse as you like. However, while this tool is no doubt very useful for use in the UK, as yet, there doesn’t appear to be any thought given towards foreign audiences or respondents. Custom demographics can be added, but integration with Bing Translate is absent, although this is very much a good thing! A survey created in Bing Pulse will require just as much care and attention as any other. Bing Translate, along with Google and many other similar machine translation services are simply not good enough for business, or any type of professional communication!

If you’re looking to work with Bing Pulse for Market Research in foreign territories, for overseas events, Foreign Tongues Translation will be able to provide you with the precise translations needed to make sure your respondents are asked the right questions.

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