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Valentine’s Day history and traditions around the world

14th February 2020

What is Valentine’s Day and how did it start? Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine is celebrated every year on the 14th of February. Valentine’s Day originates from the Western Christian feast day honouring Saints named Valentinus. There are numerous stories, with various Valentines, linked to February 14th,… Read more »

The story of Veganuary

28th January 2020

January is a well-known month for planning numerous lifestyle changes. Whether it’s giving up alcohol and participating in Dry January, following a cleaner diet and a healthier lifestyle or losing weight and getting fitter. New Year’s resolutions don’t tend last for long, but if done right, by setting reasonable and achievable goals and targets, these… Read more »

Where did Dry January come from?

27th January 2020

Are you fed up of hearing people say I’m not drinking, I’m doing “Dry January”? Then you are in luck as January is nearly over and you can have your party squad back. I had this discussion with one of my friends last night. We couldn’t quite work out where did the name “Dry January”… Read more »

Another successful year of translation

21st December 2019

2019 has been another great year for Foreign Tongues, with 750 successful projects delivered and over 1,100,000 words translated, we are excited to see what 2020 has got to offer. Our continuous support for the MRS Excellence Awards As always, we are proud to be the Principal Sponsor of the MRS Excellence Awards, an event… Read more »

The Origins of 8 Christmas words – where did Christmas come from?

20th December 2019

The term Christmas goes back to 1030, in celebration of when Jesus Christ was born. It comes from Cristes-messe, literally meaning Christ’s Mass. But what about all of the other festive words that appear at this time of year? From Santa Clause to Mistletoe, we have explained etymologies of a few here: Santa Claus Santa… Read more »

How Millennials changed the English Language?

28th November 2019

The words like ‘Netflix and chill’ or ‘the struggle is real’ come as no surprise to the younger generation, but these words might not be easy to understand by the slightly older folks. The truth is that the ‘kids these days’ speak differently to their parents, which does not make them speak incorrectly. English, just… Read more »

Black Friday and Cyber Monday – how did they get their names?

28th November 2019

Have you ever wondered where the name for the busiest day of the year came from? Black Friday is a well-known sales weekend that follows Thanksgiving Day and typically starts on the last Friday of November. This year it starts on Friday the 29th. Many of us make long shopping lists of things we want… Read more »

The easiest languages for English speakers to learn

28th October 2019

Learning a new language is difficult, especially when it comes to different grammar and slang. However, some languages can be relatively easy for English speakers to learn. They often share a common linguistic history and similar language structures. English is a Germanic language, which mean its sentence structure (syntax) and morphology (how words are formed… Read more »

Is translated content duplicate content?

28th October 2019

We often hear this question come up in translation conversations, so we thought a blog explaining content translation and content duplication would be a good place to start. What is duplicate content? According to Google “Duplicate content generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely match other content or… Read more »

Should learning a second language be required?

9th October 2019

Britain is scheduled to leave the EU on October the 31st. Many employers are fearful of a shortage of bilingual speakers, who are critical to maintaining their foreign relationships. Photo by Janko Ferlic Earlier this year, the British Council released an article called ‘Is the UK in a language crisis’? The article stated that the All-Party… Read more »

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