How and when to outsource your translation requirements

8th January 2016

Whether or not to outsource your translation requirements is a decision many businesses face in today’s global market. As previously discussed, in-house translation can work at the outset, while the company is in the initial growth stages, but as business starts to increase, internal resources are better utilised in sustaining that growth in business rather than burdening them with the day to day administrative roles.

Translation is a specialised skill, and one that needs to be undertaken by a professional in order to complement, as well as reflect, the professional image your company aims to project. Poor translation will not only cost your company its reputation, but it will also hit the business bottom line, as clients and customers lose confidence in your company’s professionalism.

Outsourcing your translation needs may seem like an un-necessary cost, initially. However, if done correctly, and at the right time, the outsourcing process allows your company to concentrate on the tasks it does best.

The following tips will help you decide when to and how to go about your translation outsourcing:

When to Outsource

As mentioned above, the right time to outsource is different for each company. Some businesses have in-house staff that can translate one language perfectly well, but may need outside help when undertaking new projects that have a requirement for other languages. The growth and talent management of your business should be your priority – staff will be more productive in your core areas, rather than taking on a role that could be outsourced to Foreign Tongues for translation.

Company Resources

Your company may have a bi-lingual staff member that can handle any and all translations into French or German, for example. But as your company grows and looks to new markets, can you afford to take on more full time staff? By outsourcing the translation of online content, marketing or project documentation to Foreign Tongues, your company is not burdened with on-going wage bills. Similar to graphic design or IT support, translation services can very well be outsourced on an ad-hoc, project by project basis.

Specialised Knowledge and Expertise

A huge benefit of the outsourcing of your translation requirements to Foreign Tongues is the knowledge and advice we will provide. Foreign Tongues help and advise Clients on the methodology required for specialist projects that would otherwise cost the client both time and money through having to find their own ‘new’ solutions and the possibility of making mistakes through inexperience. Foreign Tongues provides the most efficient service that, not only, gets your translations back to you when you need them, but saves money in both the short and long term, by helping define the scope of the project and streamlining the process for both you and your client.

Costs vs. Risks

“You get what you pay for” is certainly true when it comes to translation. While so called ‘low cost’ translation services exist, many are based overseas and are therefore inexperienced and naïve when it comes to UK business culture and English language usage. Placing ‘low cost’ above value is a mistake many companies make initially, in the belief that all translation is the same, regardless of who undertakes it. It is only after the event, when project managers / end-users receive poor quality work, often way past the agreed deadline, that the risks involved with outsourcing to cheap suppliers have evidently not paid off. Foreign Tongues only provide professional, mother tongue, qualified linguists – so you can be sure of quality translations, delivered on time, every time!

The Benefits

Knowing when to outsource is key in today’s business environment, and working with Foreign Tongues Translation, an translation agency dedicated to your needs, will prove to be more cost effective than hiring staff from the outset, allowing your company and employees to concentrate on the core business functions, where time and in-house resources can be better utilised in creating sustained growth and profitability.

Let Foreign Tongues provide you with a free, no-obligation, quote for your next project and see how much we will help you save – in more ways than one!

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