The Benefits of a Translation Agency over a Freelancer

7th July 2014

In today’s current environment, businesses that need translation or localisation services have several choices available to them; hire in-house teams, send to freelance contractors, or work with Foreign Tongues. Each approach has its separate advantages and/or disadvantages; what works well for one company may not work at all for another.

Companies invest a lot of money in outsourcing their translation projects and for that they demand a fast turnaround, top quality, excellent customer service and reliability!

Translation quality is, of course, an important branding factor. Choosing a cheap, low quality company or freelancer will have a long lasting, and devastating, effect on your business. If you send your clients a document that doesn’t make sense and/or is not grammatically correct, it will reflect on your company and can result in the loss of clients (some would argue that having a bad translation is better than having none – however; one might suspect they have no wish to succeed in the foreign, or any other market place).

This is why it is imperative that you select Foreign Tongues because they provide the long-time experience and skilled expertise of the well trained professional.

High Volume of Work

Whether your company requires the translation of complex integration, high-volume work with industry-specific terminology and/or the translation into multiple languages, you need look no further than Foreign Tongues translation agency.

Foreign Tongues provide end-product work into all commercial languages, completed by professionally qualified mother-tongue speakers, whose quality tested work and proven reliability will give you the localisation material essential to the way business is done today.

Quality and Efficiency

The benefit of working with Foreign Tongues has to be the high-end quality of their work, speed of turnaround and account management. You will be assigned a project manager who will assist you throughout the life scope of your projects and ensure smooth delivery of your translations – to your required deadline!


An individual translator will usually be unable to handle very large volumes within a short time frame. Foreign Tongues, which works with many translators, will be able to ‘split’ the work between various translators, if necessary, and proof-read the final product to ensure consistency of style, and so achieve turnarounds impossible for an individual linguist.


Most freelance translators are usually specialised in one or two subject areas. If you require a variety of documents translated, for example one legal document, one financial document and one medical document, you will probably not be able to find a freelance translator who is specialised in all of these subjects and so would need to find a legal translator, a financial translator and a medical translator. Foreign Tongues work with a large bank of qualified translators, who are specialised in a variety of different fields and, therefore, offers a wider array of subject areas, and so will always accommodate your unique variations.

Foreign Tongues use the skill-sets of a large number of people, who all work together in order to achieve an expertly, polished end-product translation. They are reliable, consistent and will ensure successful delivery of your translations project on time – every time!

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